Question:  I have a team of 10 young players, and we play in a 5 on 5 flag football league. How do I teach them a basic football play without the other 5 getting bored? Should I have them doing something else while I work with the 1st group and rotate when they are done?

Our Answer:  We found the best way was to split them up into two groups.  The first group is learning the coaches plays while the other is working on individual skills (drills) or defense.  I usually have one of my other coaches take one of the teams to the other end of the field and work on defensive as a team.    We run the plays for a while then switch the teams to provide the same training to both.    Depending upon the complexity of the play and the length of time needed to instruct, we may combine the players at the beginning by positions together, so they can hear the instruction of the plays together, before splitting to practice defense/offense.      Hope this helps.   Good Luck.

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